The Technological World We Live In (Even as Journalists)


Technology is news is becoming more and more popular, and even relevant. Newsrooms are among some of the first that should embrace technology however apparently they shy away from it.


Why Aren’t We Using This?


According to Poynter “newsrooms  in the U.S. are still not taking advantage of the low cost digital tools for gathering and distributing journalism, even when the content creators or journalists know how to use the technology.” That’s ridiculous. How do we know that this is true? Why is this happening? Why do journalists not use all of the available tools to better report on the news? What can we do to fix this issue?

Feed the Goat

This information came from “The Goat Must Be Fed”, a report published on May 14th, 2014 by Mark Stencel, Bill Adair, and Prashanth Kamalakanthan. Stencel is from the digital department at the Poynter Institute. Adair is the Knight Chair of Computational Journalism at Duke University. Kamalakanthan is the former assistant in Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab. The report was based on over 20 interviews with editors, news directors, and digital editors from newspapers, television, and radio stations.


News and Technology

There is a website called NewsTechZilla, explains where technology and news collide. However, there is a more simple explaination. News and technology collide because most people are on the internet and use technology to access news. I personally like to read the newspaper in the it’s old fashioned paper glory. However, I am among the minority. Most people my age or even older like I’m weird for reading the paper in actual paper format. This is because most people in my age group get their news from Facebook, Jon Stewart, or Conan. Or even people in my mother’s age group. Most of the time they consume news from technological places and other places in non-traditional ways. Even to take this point a step farther. News used to be word of mouth. Then transitioned into the newspaper format. Then transitioned into the radio format. Then into the television format. However these technological advancements are still the “traditional” way of consuming news. While consuming news via Twitter is “non-traditional”. Of course, it’s non-traditional but maybe, just maybe it’s the next step in news consumption.

(Jon Stewart on Technology)

The Tech In Our Pockets

Another thing to think about is the rapid advancement of technology. We carry around things in our pocket to creep ex-boyfriends on Facebook that have an immense amount of new found power. Cell phones just ten years had the capability to call your mom and play the snake game. And now just ten years later we have unlimited possibilities in which we can use on phone. But the technology is even going farther.

(Top 5 Futuristic Technology)

Awkward Stage

Many people in the 1980’s thought the year 2000 would bring a Jetson’s type world (silver suits and jet packs). We may not be there yet, but that’s where we are heading. The world of wearable technology is in it’s “awkward adolescent stage right now” according to the New York Times Bits Section. The Google Glass product is a perfect example. This is something that is currently on the market. This product can change the way we use and experience technology. Then there are a wide range of the technologies in progress. For example, implanted devices that manage the human body. For example, if you’re heart begins not the function properly that device would send an email to your doctor with the complications it sees internally and then the doctor can help possibly without cutting you open.


(From the Emmy’s. Courtesy of Google Images)

Rapidly Changing

The world is quickly changing, the people can barely keep up with the technology, especially journalists. But the future is upon us.

Until the next mass communications adventure….

Here’s to Super Semester!

The last five months of life have been very hard (at best). I’ve cried (a lot), stressed (a lot), laughed, made new friends, made new memories, learned a lot, and most importantly I’ve learned how hard being a journalist really is. It’s not easy but it’s for me. I absolutely love what I do. So I made a demo reel of some of my work in television news with LUTV and Super Semester.

Until the next mass communications adventure….

one does not simply not become a journalist meme



Bias in the Newsroom?


Another issue commonly encountered when concerning news and journalism is favoritism. By favoritism I mean news stations (television, radio, print, or web) picking favorites. For instance, if a station shows bias or favoritism towards a particular brand then that would effect honest, correct, and important information about said company. This issue can also go further with political favoritism. The news station shows bias or favoritism towards a particular party or politician.

different news bias

A Real Life Example

For example if CNN is sponsored buy Ford then they would show bias to Ford. By showing bias they wouldn’t give Ford any bad press. So if there was a Ford recall and CNN doesn’t cover the story because it would give Ford bad press that isn’t honest, fair, trustworthy, or any news quality. This lack of informing could hurt the viewers directly or indirectly. If one of the viewers drives a car made by Ford and that particular car was subject to recall that viewer wouldn’t know and could be hurt by the malfunction. Also indirectly the viewer could be hurt because they work at Ford. This could mean longer hours or even less hours.

Political Bias

In the political realm the same could be true. If Fox doesn’t cover Democratic news or gives Democratic politics bad coverage it is bias. Therefore the lack of information or misinformation is bad for the viewers. The viewers are only given a part of the story. They then make a judgement about the subject from the biased information from the news service provider.


It’s Everywhere

Almost every station can be affiliated with something else and therefore some bias toward that. For example, it is common to think that CNN leans liberally while FOX leans conservatively. A viewer can make a decision on which place to consume news from by personal preference. However I think there should be an unbiased station that covers news from both ends of the spectrum and isn’t swayed by money or power.

fox bias

Minority Representation

The website FAIR (or Fair and Accuracy in Reporting) explains that bias can even be something as simple as the guest. If a particular radio or television station has guests of similar orientations then that is a bias. For example, if a radio talk show uses white, wealthy, male conservatives the majority of the time then that is a bias. But if the same radio talk show would have guests of both genders then it would be less bias. If the same talk show would have guests of minority groups (Hispanic, African-American, or Asian-American) then the show would be even less biased.

nyt fiction

Skewed Representation

The University of Michigan’s website explains even stories, pictures, or videos are skewed representations of the entire event. The reporter makes choice on what goes in and what stays out. Something is because of a station’s bias and sometimes it is because of a personal bias and sometimes it’s from an unintentional place but the story is still bias. The website explains this scenario using a picture from a meeting between JFK and Russian officials from the 60’s. The picture just shows the men talking but what isn’t known is what and why they are talking and the behind the scenes of the photograph.

Here’s to Us

So future journalists let’s put an end to news bias. Let’s report the news in the most informative, unbiased way.

Until the next mass communications adventure….


LUTV Reporter Blog

It’s almost over!

It’s almost over, spring semester 2014 and super semester that is. This is my last reporter blog of my super semester and LUTV experience. I’ve learned a lot. Too much to even list. But mostly I’ve learned how to be a reporter and what it takes to be a reporter. I’ve had days that I loved being a reporter. And I’ve also had days when I had to rethink my major. But I do love what I do and I’m getting better at it. I like being in front of the camera but I have had to do things behind the camera as well. This made me appreciate the hard work of all of the behind the scenes people.

(This is my latest package about LU’s Campus YMCA Spring into Service Event)

Week 14
Week 14 was my sports, weather, and video week. On Monday 4/21, I did sports. I like to do sports, because I’ve always liked sports. But I don’t think people take me seriously, because I’m a girl. On Friday 4/25, I did weather. I like to do weather too. I think I have gotten better on my hands movement when gesturing to the imaginary map behind me. On Wednesday 4/23, I did a vo-sot about Delta Zeta’s (a Lindenwood sorority) charity event. They hosted an event in which people could cut 8 inches off of their hair and donate it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. I interviewed one of the professional stylists that were helping out at the event cutting hair.

me doing sports

(This is my latest time doing sports)

Week 15
Week 15 is my reporting week however on Monday 4/28 I was the assistant producer. I don’t particularly like producing. But apparently I’m good at it because I’m bossy. I’m working on two packages right now.

(A tweet that stemmed from a conversation between me and Brittany Velasco)

What’s Left to Do
What I have left as of now at 9:32 pm on Wednesday 4/30 is 2 packages, 1 vo-sot, and two sports vos. I have both packages in the works. I have pitched an idea for a vo-sot. I might be doing vo-sots instead of sports vos, because the sports seasons are ending.

philosraptor ahead meme

(A meme I created on

In the works
The vo-sot I pitched is about Lindenwood University Dean Bice. Cynthia Bice was named Educator of the Year by the Saint Louis Association of Secondary School Principals. I’d like to interview her and do a story about her because this is an impressive honor for Bice, herself and Lindenwood as well. One is about the graduating LUTV seniors. There are Ben Bathke, Brittany Velasco, Brett McMillanDavid SchlagerDavid AmelottiMarie Heart, and Michael Sprague.  I’m excited about it but there was a little bit of stress in the beginning. Another story I got assigned the story today (Wednesday 4/30) at 10. I went down to Frontier Park and shot the Show-Me State Games Torch Lighting Ceremony and run. It was a really interesting and fun to do. I started writing the script and thinking about the editing. I will have it done to run on Fridays show. The seniors one will air closer to the end of the semester.


(My latest time doing weather)

Until Next Time…. 
I’m excited that it’s almost over because I’ve learned so much through the course of this semester. I’ve also been stressed out a lot. But I’m happy to have gained the experience.

like a boss meme
Until the next mass communications adventure….

LUTV Reporter Blog

Week 12

Well it’s already almost Easter. Spring fever is in full effect… well actually summer fever… well actually graduation fever. It’s week 12 of the super semester or week 13 off the semester. Wow… it’s already almost over. I’m kind of happy but kind of sad. Week 11 was my writing/anchor week. And Week 12 is my producing week.

brace yourself story ripped about meme


(A meme I made on about #supersemester)

Monday 4/7/14

On Monday I wrote three stories. One story was about Missouri Representative and a death threat that was directed at him because of his position on gun control/gun laws. Another story I wrote was a texting and driving story. A school bus driver for the Francis Howell school district was fired because he was texting while driving a bus that had children on it. The third story I wrote was another issue with school and texting, however this time it was students sexting. Fort Zumwalt East High was plagued with a sexting ordeal that may result in child pornography charges. Also on Monday my Package about the Lindy’s ran. The Lindy Awards, is LU’s version of the Emmy’s in which students can be honored for their hard work.

(My Lindy’s package on youtube)

Wednesday 4/9/14

On Wednesday I wrote three stories and anchored. I wrote a story about a Missouri salaries study that is going on. The study is so the Missouri government can cut down on the number of state employees, but improve the pay on the ones who remain. Another story I wrote was about the possible upcoming legalization of marijuana in Missouri.  A piece of legalization is being thrown around the Missouri government. The third story I wrote was about the Pittsburgh stabbing. The stabbing was in a school in which a student stabbed 22 people. I also anchored with Jess Plowman on Wednesday.

me anchoring 4.9.14

(A picture of me anchoring on Wednesday)

Friday 4/11/14

On Friday I wrote three stories and anchored again. I wrote a story about the Fed-Ex/School Bus wreck. This wreck happened in northern California. The Fed-ex truck crossed over the median and crashed in a school bus carrying kids to visit a college. The fiery collision left some dead.  Another story I wrote was about the possible change to the Missouri self defense law. The current law is that a owner or tenant of a property can defend them and their property-including the use of deadly force, however the addition would grant that same right to people on a property with the owner’s consent. The third story I wrote was about the St. Charles County Fire. In New Melle, there was a house fire that brought firefighters out in the early morning hours. No one was hurt because the house was being renovated therefore no one was living there at the time of the fire. I also anchored with Brittany Velasco. I really liked anchoring with her, because it was the perfect opportunity to watch her in action and learn from her.

(Joe’s Imari Miller package with Brittany and my anchor lead in from youtube)

Monday 4/14/14

Week 12 is my producing week, however I’m not doing any producing. Monday I had a VOSOT about men’s rugby run. I was also the assistant producer to Brandon. I also wrote three stories too. One story was about the O’Fallon cop that got arrested for stealing drug evidence out of the evidence vault for personal use. The cop was charged with felony stealing and felony possession of prescription drugs. Another story I wrote was about the LU synchronized swimming team. They just won their bid at nationals, bringing four medals back to LU. The third story I wrote was about the dog that attacked and killed another dog in an off leash dog park. This dog, Zeus was returned to it’s owner with consequences. The consequences included behavior counseling, being banned for dog parks, and socialization training. During the show I ran the teleprompter.

first world prob everyone hates lead


(A meme I made on about #supersemester)

Wednesday 4/16/14

On Wednesday I wasn’t scheduled for anything. However I kept busy. I had a package about LU’s Campus YMCA  that ran. This was a stressful story because it received double coverage from super semester. However, both parties got to turn something in and it was well cover for the viewers. I also had VO about LU’s Delta Zeta chapter’s Big Man on Campus competition. The Big Man on Campus is a competition, which is basically a beauty pageant for men. There were a casual wear, formal wear, swimwear, and talent categories. The guys were then crowned by National All American Miss Missouri Shenell Randall (which happens to be my suitemate). Wednesday was a good day in the news room. Everyone was in such a great mood. There was a lot of laughter, smiles, and having fun.

success baby(A meme I made on about #supersemester)


Friday 4/18/14

Since Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) is this upcoming Friday no classes and no news is schedule. I must say I’m pretty happy for a break.

(A tweet from me about #supersemester)

Until the next mass communications adventure….

(A tweet from me about #masscommadventures)

Media Violence: Industry Issue

Which Came First?

This is an age old debate, similar to that of the chicken and the egg…media violence. Which came first frequent violent attacks or frequent media coverage of violence? Which causes which? Which is the “problem”? Does media coverage of violence in turn cause more violence? There are a lot of unanswered questions and I’m not here to answer questions, I’m just here to give my opinion.

chicken and egg

(Courtesy of Google  Images)

School Violence
Today (4/9/14) there was another act of mass school violence. Of course it was covered by EVERY media outlet, including LUTV News. I actually wrote the story. It is interesting that this happened today. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were actually talking about media’s coverage of violence. And today I wake up and what’s the first national news thing I hear, the Pennsylvania School Stabbing. So therefore, this topic is something that I feel like is an issue and needs to be talked about.

(Courtesy of Youtube. CNN’s coverage of the Pennsylvania School Stabbing)

Firstly, I don’t think media outlets covering these violent stories is the biggest factor in the repeat violent attacks. However, I do think that the coverage “glamorizes” the perpetrators. For example, the coverage of the Sandy Hook School Shooting “glamorized” Adam Lanza. By glamorized, I mean it was centered on him and theories about him. It was all about him. Everyone knows his name, but nobody knows the names of the children and staff that were killed.

(Courtesy of Youtube. ABC’s coverage of the Sandy Hook Massacre)

“Does Kick-Ass Violence Correlate to the Real Deal?”
In August of 2013, three forensic psychiatrists, Vasilis K. Pozios, Praveen R. Kambam, and H. Eric Bender wrote an article for The New York Times. The article asked the question “Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing?” Kick-Ass 2, a superhero movie is the start of the article. Actor Jim Carrey distanced himself from the movie because he claimed he couldn’t support the film’s violent scenes because of the recent Sandy Hook massacre. However, Mark Millar, the creator of the “Kick-Ass” comic book series felt differently. He said “I never quite bought the notion that violence in fiction leads to violence in real life any more than Harry Potter casting a spell creates more boy wizards in real life.” Of course consuming violent content doesn’t make us all killers; however it is a risk factor (according to the National Institute of Mental Health, the American Medical Associationthe American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association).

one does not simply wizard meme

(Courtesy of meme.generator)

Smoking and Lung Cancer…Is There a Connection?

Another over-used metaphor in the violence debate is the smoking and lung cancer one. One can’t say “I’ve smoked for a long time and never got lung cancer. Therefore smoking and lung cancer aren’t related”. Of course, not all smokers get lung cancer and not everyone that has/had lung cancer were smokers. However, smoking is a risk factor in getting lung cancer. This paints the similarity between violent content and becoming a killer.


(Courtesy of Google Images)

Behavioral Study

One study shows that consumption of violent media does have a behavioral effect throughout a person’s lifetime. Psychologists Craig A. Anderson and Brad J. Bushman conducted 42 studies involving almost 5,000 participants. They found that “statistically significant small-to-moderate-strength relationship between consuming violent content and acting aggressively and/or violent later on in life”.

school violence

(Courtesy of Google Images)

News’ Role

However where does the news come in? News stations cover these stories all the time. Every chance they catch. For long periods of time. The way the people of the story are portrayed by news outlets is part of the problem.

(Courtesy of Youtube. CBS’ coverage on the Virginia Tech Shooting)

Listening to Aggressive Words Turns into Aggressive Thoughts
An article from the mental health section of, suggests that violent news coverage is triggering additional violence. Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia say those newscasts reporting on violence are harming viewers more than helping them. Tamyra Pierce, from Mizzou says that the aggressive word choice by the media triggers aggressive thoughts. For example, “kill” sounds worse than “shoot”, “massacre” sounds worse than “shooting”, “murderer” sounds worse than “suspect” or “perpetrator”, you get the point. The stations are preying on our emotions with the word choice. Pierce also says that by using words like “loner”, “depressed”, or “introvert” it makes make with similar qualities connect with the perpetrators. Pierce says this is one of the causes of copycat killings. Pierce says that the media use to cover suicides all the time; however they stopped because of the high amount of copycat incidents. However, media still covers school shootings. Think about how many school shootings there has been since Columbine, back in 1999. Pierce says over 3,000 copycat attempts. How about we back off the school shooting coverage….and maybe the number of school shootings will go down, like the suicide count did after extreme coverage stopped.


(Courtesy of Google Images. This is a still shot from the Columbine School’s security cameras during the Columbine Massacre.)

Here’s to Us
So future journalists and I, we can learn from this. Avoid the stories if possible. If they can’t be avoided do the best you can to write a straight forward news story (no fluff, no suspect focus, and no theories on the suspect). Let’s see if we can change the way violence is covered by the media.

media violence meme

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My Story
Since, I mentioned earlier in my post about the School Stabbing story I had to write for LUTV News today (4/9/14) and the bashing I just gave to the media about how the cover violence, I feel like I should mention how the story went. I wrote it very delicately. I only mentioned the suspect once, at the end “Police have a student in custody.” However, that’s not how the story aired. I had to rewrite it. So I did. And then it was rewritten again before it aired.


(Me in today’s (4/9/14) newscast, reading about the stabbing)

Catch You Later
Until the next mass communications adventure….