The in class discussion on Thursday (9/5/13) was intense. The viewing of photos stemmed into a discussion of truths. Truths is a very diverse and touchy subject. I believe that there are some universal and some are individually determined. So things are true in all situations and some things are true based on my perception. The truths that are based on my perception aren’t any less true than the universal truths. Just because something is based on my perception or opinion doesn’t mean that it isn’t true to me. This is controversial because I don’t think this is a topic that everyone can agree on. It is one of those things that involves trust. I have to have trust in myself and others that what they are telling as truth is actually truth. I believe involving philosophy and science into truths doesn’t really make something true, nor does it actually correlate to truth. Just because something is truthful in science or philosophy doesn’t mean it is relevant in media and/or journalism.

     Both the pictures (page 20 and 44) depict people moments before his/her death. This makes both of them controversial because of the intimate moment of each photograph. However Forman’s picture is more emotional because of the closeness and seeing the face of the victim, whereas in Drew’s photograph the face of the man cannot be seen because on the distance. I think that Forman’s picture is more controversial and emotional because of the closeness. I still believe that both photographs deserve and should be publish because of the emotional value of the pictures it makes the situation that happened more real. I believe this because as a Mass Communication major and a person that has an interest in journalism I believe conveying the story truthfully is the most important thing. These pictures are a raw form of the truth of what happened in tragic accidents.


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