News Values

The seven news values are more about the words of the story and the story itself. These are what makes something newsworthy and what draws the readers attention. These are impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, bizarreness, conflict, and currency. These things are what makes the story important. The ethical news values are more about the substance and meaning of the story. This is what makes it okay ethically or morally. The ethical values are accuracy, confirmation, tenacity, dignity, reciprocity, sufficiency, equity, community, and diversity. I personally think both are important but each have different values. I think from a career standpoint the seven news values are more important. I think from a personal or moral standpoint the ethical news values. However, in order to be a good reporter worth value systems are important. If a reporter follows the ethical values they should also follow the seven news values to reach to most people/readers/viewers that is possible. If they do that then their message will reach the most possible people. 


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