TARES Test vs. Maybelline

Maybelline’s famous tagline is “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” This slogan has been associated with the major cosmetic company for a long time. Starting off this brand gives off a wrong impression. They make women think that beauty is of utmost importance. They also make women think that their product is the only way to achieve the beauty of a model or beauty in general. The advertising campaign in which I’m focusing is Maybelline’s mascara line with Adriana Lima as a spokesmodel. Lima is depicted in different photographs with lush and ridiculously long lashes. I believe that this campaign fails the TARES test; TARES stands for: Truthful, Authentic, Respect, Equity, and Social Responsibility. The first step in ethical persuasion is truthfulness. In theory they are being truthful, but in subliminal messages they are not. They are showing Lima’s mile long lashes and indicating that their product will do the same for women in the real world. However, as a regular mascara wearer myself, I know that personally my lashes have never looked like that, not even close. By using those photographs of Lima potential customers believe that using their product their lashes will look like Lima’s. The second step is authenticity. There is a sincere desire but not a sincere need. Women like using this product because they believe that it will enhance their appearance and make them more attractive however they don’t physical need this product. The third step is respect. I don’t like the makers of Maybelline have a respect for their customers. If they aren’t being honest with their customers, there is no way that they can respect them. The only thing that they want their customers for is money. So they use photographs that show the best of eyelashes and make their customers think that their product will do that for their eyelashes as well, so the customer in turn buys the product. The fourth step is equity. There is no equality between myself, an average woman and the supermodel Adriana Lima, not even close. Aside from the aspect of Hollywood photoshop and computer enhancements (which I’m sure was used on  her eyelashes because of the unnatural length and fullness). I’m not paid for being beautiful, she is. So be using some of the statue of Lima women know that they aren’t on the same page but they want to be and associate her beauty with the product. The fifth step is socially responsible. I don’t think society would improve at all if everyone on the planet began using Maybelline mascara. I understand that self-improvement is a “worthy societal goal”. However I don’t think mascara is. I don’t think the use of this product would hurt any group in society. I think that only real benefit of mascara is that is enhance people’s beauty. This advertisement decreasing the level of trust I have for persuasive messages, only because I’ve analyzed it on an advertising level. I don’t think this would really effect an average person’s perception of the media. I feel like this ad kind of takes the notion of responsibility seriously. I know that they company intends to profit and improve appearance. But improving appearance doesn’t approve human life. To conclude, Maybelline fails the TARES test.


Links: http://www.eftekasat.net/details.php?image_id=185020#.UjINF8YU8-A



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