In Class Discussion: Budweiser’s Fan Cans 9/17/13

I feel as though Budweiser’s Fan Cans isn’t really that big of a deal. I mean, the were “specific” colleges colors, but the schools that they “picked” have common color schemes in which would embody many colors. For example, Mizzou’s black and gold color scheme also is the colors of us, Lindenwood University. Budweiser didn’t put the Mizzou mascot (tiger head) or a big MU on the can they similar changed from their red and white (Budweiser) or blue and silver (Bud Light). I feel as if the ordeal when colleges totally overreacted was just exactly that an overreaction. I don’t feel as if Budweiser was endorsing under age drinking. I feel like they were trying to connect with a different demographic than originally they were appealing to. For instance, the black and gold color scheme deployed in the Mizzou market, which is basically the entire state of Missouri and much of the surrounding neighboring states as well appeals to of age Mizzou college students, of age other college students that also have the same colors, Mizzou and similar color scheme schools alumni, people in the community that support Mizzou and like schools, and people who just really like the colors black and gold. I think alumni of different university would find school color themed cans to be pretty great, whereas I think people in my generation and/or age group probably wouldn’t. I also believe that under aged students aren’t going to start drinking alcohol based solely on the color of the can. Personally, I’m 19, I wouldn’t start drinking a particular brand of beer or alcohol if suddenly I go to the gas station and black and gold cans/bottles catch my eye.  I think under aged students are going to drink if they want to drink, not because of the colors. 


One thought on “In Class Discussion: Budweiser’s Fan Cans 9/17/13

  1. I agree with everything you say. If people threw fits over colors on a package, there would be lawsuits all over the place, we would have to start making up new colors. Also, lets face it, AB does make more money in the college football season, regardless of the colors they use, it’s the male traditional pass time, watch the game with a cold beer. If anything, I think older male drinkers are the real imitations of underage male drinkers. They do it because it is tradition, and “real men do it.” In this case it is up to the parent to take responsibility to warn their children of the risks they take by drinking, especially underage drinking, because furthermore, they will drink if they want to, regardless of the packaging.
    I would say the color of a bottle attracts less attention than the shape of a bottle. Which AB has done (the bow tie, which I’ll never understand who would want that). I have known my friends to want an alcohol for its “pretty bottle shape” compared to its colors. I think the schools made too much of a big deal and only have a real case if they can prove AB was targeting their school specifically, and underage people, because I have come to noticed, an older crowd can be found in college as well, a lot of people returning to school to learn a new trade, and younger people not being able to afford college so they end up working instead after high school.

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