Politics and Journalism

Politics and journalism work hand in hand together, however some people think they need to be separated. I don’t think they can be separated. Journalism is a way to inform to mass public about important happenings within their society. Political on goings are important (new laws, politicians, and policies). Politics need journalism as a way to advertise and get “followers”. Politicians need the people that they are governing to be on their side. If politicians don’t have the backing of the people then they won’t get reelected. The people need to know what is going on to have a well informed view of their society. However, journalism and politics are often pitted against each other because the way things are covered. I believe that politic news should be covered in an informative, need to know way, such as covering new policies. Politics should not be covered in an entertainment, want to know way, such as sex scandals of politicians. To conclude, politics and journalism are two entities that go hand in hand.


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