Political Analysis

I chose to analyze a political advertising campaign made by Missouri Representative Democratic Claire Mccaskill in the race between herself and Representative Todd Akin. This ad campaign was released shortly after the scandal with Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment. This comment was made on the “Jaco Report” which was aired on the Fox network (which is a republican leaning media outlet). In the interview, the interviewer asked Akin about if abortion is okay in a rape situation.  Akin replies with the gem “If it was legitimate rape then the women’s body tries to shut down the (getting pregnant) process.” Wow.

Honestly, I voted for Mccaskill in the past election based solely on this comment. Of course, after I heard this I did some more research and it made me dislike Akin more, but that is beside the point. I think this comment and Mccaskill’s smear campaign immediately after this comment.

In Mccaskill’s campaign it has three different women rape survivors. In the advertisements it depicts them saying what they are. For example, one woman says “I am a wife, mother, pro-life supporter, and a rape survivor.” Then the woman proceeds to go on and say after I was raped when I was at the hospital I was offered emergency contraception that she denied because of her beliefs. She does go onto say that she believes every rape surviving woman should have that choice.

I do think Mccaskill’s campaign is useful was it does provide citizens with useful information about Akin’s view on rape. I think it is useful because it prompts the useful to research more into the rape comment and both parties’ views. I don’t think it is sufficient because if someone hadn’t seen the highly publicized “legitimate rape” comment from Akin, they probably wouldn’t understand what is going on. However, I do think it prompts people to research and think more deeply about the issue. I think it is trustworthy. This campaign was launched shortly after the rape comment and there are only three different women, not several and they woman seem almost emotional while telling their story which makes it more believable. The audience of this advertising campaign is obviously the voters; however I think more specifically it is targeted at middle of fence women aged 18-30. I think it is aimed at middle of fence people because it is trying to sway them into voting for Mccaskill. I think this is aimed at women age 18-30 because it shows on an emotional level a trying time for young women and every woman who if placed in a situation like that would what options. 


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