Citizen McCaw

I personally would like to believe Jerry Roberts’ statement that journalists “are in the truth business” is in fact truthful. For example, Wendy McCaw’s environmental articles about endangered turtles are in fact truthful. I’m sure somewhere in the world there are endangered turtles. This article would be informative and need to know issue (based on opinion). Another example is partisan news sources (CNN or Fox). Most people know Fox leans conservatively and CNN liberally, however just because they are biased doesn’t mean that they are lying. Fox may report on whoever the Republican candidate may be and not report at all on the Democratic candidate. Of course this is biased but usually things Fox says are true or thought to be true. This same concept applies to CNN, other partisan outlets, and impartial sources as well. I think journalism as a whole is a “truth business”, business being almost as important as truth. The news sources must make money in order to sustain the company and continue to publish news. Money will always be a part of journalism because it has become the center of society. Money makes the world go round. However, business in journalism can be a positive thing. For example, local businesses can advertise in the newspaper to help the newspaper and the business itself financially and help the local people become informed about said business. I believe most journalists are truthful however there will always be those few exceptions that are bought and protect personal interests. Protecting personal interests can be untruthful because of exclusion of information; by not including all the details the story is skewed. However, Wendy McCaw takes this protection of interests to an extreme. She fires the majority of the Santa Barbara Newsroom’s staff because their interest was truth and her interest was to protect personal business. On the other hand, personal interests can be a positive thing. For example, if a journalist has an interest is a little known part of the community, that reporter can write an article informing the population about the undisclosed aspect. To conclude, I agree with Jerry Robert’s statement that journalists “are in the truth business.” I also understand that business and personal interests will always play a role in journalism, sometimes negative. 


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