Summary: I choose to analyze an infamous NASCAR tragedy’s photo. The photo was taken in Charlotte (NC) in 1964. There was a wreck between Junior Johnson and Ned Jarrett. Another driver, Fireball Roberts got tangled up in the wreck and broke free only to crash into the wall, then his car burst into flames. Jarrett pulled Roberts from the burning car, however is body was already 80% covered in burns. He later died. In wake of this tragedy, NASCAR instilled restrictions to help make racing safer. (The photo is attached below).


Wreck Week: The most controversial wrecks in NASCAR history

Analysis: This was a moment that was already public, however newspapers and magazines further exploited the moment be making it into a story. It’s possible that the photographs might send other drivers and spectators into further trauma. I think the photographer is close enough to get the point across but far enough away to not be obtrusive. I don’t think the photographer was acting with compassion and sensitivity when he/she took the photo. I think publicizing this incident may have been what pushed NASCAR to add more safety restrictions. Also, this photograph informed the public of what had happened. I think the means truly moral and is ‘real good’ end result. It isn’t probable that the means achieve the end. This incident happened and the photographer just started snapping photos. I think the incident itself (which is the content of the photograph) is the majority of the reason for new regulations and the information of the public. I’m sure new regulations in NASCAR could have been accomplished some other way but by broadcasting this incident it pushed for reforms presently. I think the bad mean is used because it happened. Even if the photographer wouldn’t have used this particular photograph the event still happened and the public would have still found out another way. I think the good end achieved through this photo is not greater than the evil. However, like I said before the ‘evil’ happened, this was just a way to make the best out of a situation. I think the means used to achieved the end will withstand the test of publicity. 


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