My Starting Point-

My Starting Point-

I’m Kelly Henson. I’m a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in Broadcast. I work at Waffle House. My life is Lindenwood and Waffle House.

So I googled name. I typed in ‘Kelly Louise Henson’ and the first thing that popped up with my Facebook account. I then decided to Google Imaged my name, however the results on that wasn’t as lucrative. I scrolled through several pages without finding a photo that even resembled me. It makes me a little uncomfortable that my Facebook page is the first result when my name is googled. It makes me uncomfortable because any creeper can google me and have access to my personal Facebook account. I would like to make finding me a little more difficult.
My dream career is whatever will make me happy. I want to love my job so much that I enjoy going to work every day, but more specifically something within the communications or entertainment field. I would love to be the talent for a radio or television news show. I would love being a floor director for television news show. I would also like to do stand up comedy or voices for cartoons. I am really inspired by Katie Couric and Chelsea Handler. I am inspired by Katie Couric because of all of the success she has had in the news industry. She is a household name and someday I want to be like that. I am inspired by Chelsea Handler because she has made a name for herself in the comedy industry. She has her own unique sense of humor that hasn’t changed because of the industry.

I am pretty confident with my skill level concerning communications, radio, television, and some technology. Some of these areas I am more comfortable with than others but I still feel like I can carry on an intelligent conversation with someone. The area I would consider my “area of expertise” is radio. I have been board operating (deejaying) for KCLC for over a year now. I really enjoy doing this. KCLC is also my work and learn, which makes me even more confident in my skills because I am being paid to do it. Some people seek out my expertise in radio. I have helped a couple of students become more comfortable with the board and operating it in the radio station.

My future starting today is scary. I’m scared. After j-term, I’ll be a senior. When I realized this I panicked. I’m 19 years old, I’m not ready to graduate. I decided to start taking my time with classes and take a smaller course load so I can enjoy my college experience more. I really enjoy what I study and what I do and I’m really looking forward to getting a career doing something in the communications industry but I’m scared to really become an adult. I mean of course I don’t live with my parents, I pay my own bills, and I have pulled my life together but I live in a dorm and eat in the cafeteria. I just pay Lindenwood for room, board, and utilities I don’t have to pay everything separately. I don’t know where I want to live. And I don’t have anyone I would want to move in with. College graduation is a much bigger deal than high school graduation, and it keeps creeping closer and closer and I keep getting more scared.

Here’s a link to a youtube video. It’s Chelsea Handler talking about Katie Couric.             

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2 thoughts on “My Starting Point-

  1. That’s awesome you realize that loving your job and the work you do is valuable! I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to enjoy these college years while you can. Don’t let them pass you by!

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