First Week of #PBandJterm


Wow! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week; I feel like we just started. Yet, I also feel like we’ve learned so much. I was excited for this class before it started and it has easily become my favorite class ever. I think the most important things we’ve learned thus far is the importance of having an online personal brand-or rather a personal brand in general, important parts of a personal brand, and the first steps toward creating a personal brand.

Personal Branding

It is so important to have an online personal brand. It is the process whereby people and their careers are marked to society. These brands we are starting are going to blossom into how people will identify us in the future. I like to say it doesn’t matter what people think of me but it does. In order for me to succeed in the communications industry, people-society need to think of me in a positive light. Some people say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. I think that’s a lie. If I portray an image that is bad or a poor representation of myself it can translate into my career. It’s so important to stay clean with my image-in “real life” and online.


Some important parts of a personal brand are consistency and authenticity . This is relevant to appearance, communication skills, knowledge, attitude, character, behavior, and reputation. For a personal brand to communicate the intended message the creator needs to stay consistent. If I were to be flip-floppy in my words or actions my personal brand would be compromised. Although consistency is important, I think authenticity is the most important. In order to stand out from all of the other girls pursuing a job in the communications industry I need to be authentic-I need to be myself.

Social Media

We have been taking the first steps toward creating an online personal brand. We have been building an online presence via social media sites. I think social media is very important when concerning making a brand for oneself. I know my generation is supposed to be “tech savvy and social media addicted”, but signing up for all of these social media sites has been mind boggling. On top of that, I had to clean up all of my existing social media sites. I hadn’t really thought about my online presence being something that was easily find-able, but I was wrong. In the first assignment when we had to google ourselves, my Facebook page was the first thing to pop up when my name was searched. Another challenge in the social media department was making everything say want I wanted it to communicate about me and my personal brand. I wanted to stand out so instead of my name being “Kelly Henson”, I added my middle name “Louise” to try to stand out. I want my skills and passions to be communicated as well, so I added the same synopsis about myself into the biography part of every social media site.

most interesting man meme

To conclude, this has been a fast paced first week that was full of learning, fun, and realization.


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