Content Consumers vs Content Creators

Consumer of Content

In today’s society we all consume media content of some form, whether it is news, social media, applications, gaming, or other type. There are also a lot of creators of content because of the accessibility to technology and instantaneous publication.

Daily Use and Abuse of Content

I typically consume many different types of media content daily. I read the St. Louis Post Dispatch daily. I read the headlines and interesting news stories. I read the sports section. However, my favorite part of the newspaper is the cartoons. I also consume different kinds of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. I also consume a various variety of applications such as YouTube, iFunny, and FML. IFunny is a site compiled of funny videos and images. FML is a site that micro blogs FML (F my life) moment that often times leaving me laughing.

How I Consume

Most of the content I consume is via my mobile device. However, sometimes I watch YouTube videos and read my Facebook news feed via my laptop. I always read the Post-Dispatch in its best form-paper.

Type of Content

The type of content I enjoy is on both ends of the spectrum. I enjoy funny and entertaining content (iFunny, YouTube, etc.). But I also enjoy hard news and just news in general (the Post-Dispatch and Facebook).

My Contribution to Content

I contribute to the content I consume in countless ways. On social media, I comment on and like other people’s posts and post myself. On other applications, the only way I contribute is by viewing other’s work.


I learn about what’s going on in the world and in my friends and family’s lives via social media. For example, I didn’t know about the Sandy Hook School Shooting until I had seen a post about it on Facebook. I then looked up the story on a news site. I get to catch up on old friends from high school’s lives on social media as well. I can see who is getting married or having babies just by scrolling through my news feed. However, the other applications don’t really provide me with much learning, mostly enjoyment.

Creator of Content

I also am a creator of content. I create content based on my passions, thoughts, and daily life. I’m passionate about news and being funny. Through news I can educate the public and through being funny I can entertain the public. I’m also passionate about adventure, traveling, crafts, and tattoos.

underwear picture

My Contribution

I can contribute to society by generating news stories. I’ll inform them in a fresh, funny, and creative way. I’ll make the news exciting and fun to watch and/or listen to.

Enhancing My Personal Brand

My personal brand’s content will define me as a person and as a broadcast journalist. In order to enhance my online personal brand I will micro and macro blog and micro vlog funny snippets. I also want to create funny memes and images. Jenna Marbles is my inspiration for getting into vlogging. She fearless talks about all different kinds of topics and is super funny.

My Personal Niche

My niche personal brand blogging environment is a mixture of crafts and tattoos. I know, it’s really unlikely pair, but I am passionate about both. I want to help people learn new craft ideas, designs, and techniques through writing about them and posting images and videos of them. I want to help people open up the idea of tattoos in general. But I always want to help people come up with tattoo ideas and placement.

wreath picture henson tattoo picture

My Career Niche

My career personal brand is to help people learn about what is going on in society in an entertaining manner. This will help people to make decisions about their daily life and life in general.

ron burgandy meme


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