Guest Speaker: Jenn Cloud

Who is Jenn Cloud?

jenn cloud

I got the wonderful opportunity to listen to Jenn Cloud speak. Well who is Jenn Cloud, you might ask? Jenn describes herself was a web geek, video producer, and marketing freelancer located in the greater Saint Louis area. I think she needs to add inspirational speaker to the list as well.


Jenn is in the process of developing her own company. This company will be called Homage Marketing and Media. Jenn has gained experience in both media and marketing from being a spokester for Vantage Credit Union. Vantage Credit Union is a progressive, full-service financial institution that’s owned and guided by our member-owners-people just like me and you-and not by stockholders like at a publicly-traded bank. Jenn was part of the Young and Free team. The Young and Free team is meant to help people age 18-25 with all of the financial and banking things that are hard to understand. Vantage Credit Union helps out with savings accounts, checking accounts, auto loans (and other loans), and mortgages.

jenn thumbs

Spokester Inspiration 

Jenn’s involvement being a spokester for Vantage Credit Union really inspiring me to apply for a position after I graduate. Since I’m a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in Broadcast, I feel like this would be a position that would fit me perfectly. I love making videos. I enjoy social media and blogging. I have always enjoyed math and banking. I think it would be beneficial because being a spokester would promote my online personal brand. It would promote a personal brand because people between the ages of 18 and 25 would be able to view my work and I could help them in their journey through financial and banking issues and my brand would be seen more and associated with positivity because I would help people.

5 Little Things

Jenn’s presentation was very inspiring and informative. The first thing I learned was from her title slide. The title of the presentation was “Personal Branding: The Story of a Cloud”. I learned that it’s okay to play on your name when concerning your personal brand. I also learned that voyaging out of your comfort zone doesn’t just apply to lifestyle choices; it applies to career choices as well. In Jenn’s presentation she quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do something each day that scares you.” I think that is so true. Another thing I learned is that one of the most important thing when concerning making and continuing your personal brand is that you need to make people love you. The people that you need to make love you are other people within your career field, followers, peers, people living in the same location, and people everywhere. If people love you they will follow you and your personal brand, which in turn makes your brand stronger. The fourth thing I learned is that it is important to stay relevant and consistent in your personal brand. It is also important to help people in some way with your personal brand. The fifth thing I learned is that “Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.” Jenn said the previous quote in her presentation and it really resonated with me. It is so true. We have to make things happen in our lives. We can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen.

Jenn and Jill: The Same Mind

To conclude, a lot of things that Jenn said are exactly what Jill has been saying all along. I think it doubles the importance. Two prominent people in the media industry, whom have both developed a personal brand, are giving us the same steps towards developing our own personal brand.

jenn and kitty


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