89.1 The Wood Introduction

LU’s Radio Stations

I attend Lindenwood University. LU has two radio stations. Those radio stations are KCLC. The first station is KCLC HD2, the Experience. It plays classic rock. The second station, which is my station is KCLC, 89.1 the Wood, the Smart Mix. Let me just say I absolutely love doing radio. By doing radio I mean deejaying.


Work and Learn: KCLC

LU has this program called work and learn. Work and learn is a work study program, in which students can work at the university and get paid for it. I don’t get a check every month like normal jobs but the money is just taken off what I owe for tuition. I’m getting paid to do something that I am passionate for. It doesn’t even feel like work.

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Back to Your Regular Programming

89.1 The Wood, the Smart Mix plays music of the album adult alternative genre. This includes artists such as Adele,John Mayerthe Bare-naked Ladies, and many more.

AAA (not the car service)

I wasn’t really interested in album adult alternative music until I started deejaying for 89.1 the Wood. However now I really like a lot of the music that is played. I discovered several artists that I hadn’t heard of before and they have become my new favorites. For example, the Bare-naked Ladies have a new song called “Odds Are” and I absolutely love it. It is very catchy and positive. It talks about how things are going to be alright. The chorus goes “Odds are we’re gonna be alright, odds are we’re gonna be alright for another night.” I have turned a new happiness leaf. I am really happy now and I try to stay positive with keep calm. This song personifies that.


The station is mostly music. WE HAVE NO COMMERICALS.      When there is a break in regular programming (music) it is only for short periods. The deejaying will stop the music to tell the stats of a song; the artist and song title. The deejay will also give a short weather forecast every 20 minutes. Also at the top of the hour the deejay will do a news segment that includes a syndicated news broadcast (a 3 minute clip of news that is recorded by the broadcast journalists of AP Radio News and is then sent to 89.1), a local news segment, Public Service Announcement, and a business and sports news update.

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Until Next Time…

I usually am on air for about 5 hours a week, sometimes more. I would love to speak to you over the airwaves and then get your feedback. Listen and tell me what you think I can do better. Until the next Mass Communications Adventure update….


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