Jess Leitch: Inspiring Success Story

Making It

I’m really scared that I won’t be able to make it after graduation. I mean like make it in the career aspect, like a career that is in my degree field. Then I listen to someone like Jess Leitch speak.

jess laughing

Meet Jess Leitch

Jess Leitch is a blogger Jess also attended Lindenwood University and took Jill’s #pbandjterm class. Jess is kinda a big deal in St. Louis. Jess describes herself as a writer, a list maker, an expert car dancer, a lover of red lipstick with a penchant for baking pies. Jess is big into fashion.


Wow, I thought. We have things in common. However one big thing that we don’t have in common is the fact the people actually read her blog, mine however isn’t being read by anyone (other than my professors). Also people in St. Louis know her. Not a whole lot of people know me.

jess polka dots

Alive Magazine

Anyway, back to Jess. Jess works at Alive Magazine. Alive Magazine can be described as St. Louis’ premier lifestyle magazine focused on all things fashion, culture, and entertainment!

alive mag cover


Jess also works with the Social Media Club in St. Louis. The Social Media Club hosts events (usually something that is Happy Hour like) in which people for the same professional demographic can get together and network.

scmstl logo

I Learned…

I learned so much about life and career stuff from Jess. First thing is content; creating it is the easiest thing and the hardest thing. When the content is something you love and are super interesting to write about it: it’s easy. When the content is something you aren’t passionate about and don’t care to write about it’s hard. Jess said (about thinking about content for her blog) “I like to bake cakes. I can talk about it online.” The second thing is the you can’t give up when you don’t see result quickly. It takes time to get followers and readers. You can’t give up because one day somebody will read your blog and love it and be inspired by it. So keep blogging! The third thing about blogging is that you have to keep up with it. If someone tweets you at 2 am you need to reply to it as soon as possible. So for example, if Carrie Underwood tweets you, you need to tweet back ASAP! And don’t just respond to Carrie Underwood, respond to everyone. The fourth thing I learned was that we just need to say yes. Say yes to that new food. Say yes to that new dress. Say yes to a new experience. Say yes! We experience new and exciting things by saying yes. So say yes today. The fifth thing about blogging is staying current. Read things. Pay attention to what is trending. Pay attention to what is in style. Pay attention to big news. Pay attention to current events. Pay attention to what everyone is talking about.

jess beach


Jess relates to #pbandjterm because she took the class. Not only did she take the class, she applied it to her life. Jess is the #pbandjterm success story. One day I hope to be another #pbandjterm success story.

jess smiling

So Can I

To conclude, I learned a lot from Jess. She was really informative and inspiring. I really liked that she is a former LU student and #pbandjterm student. I like that she isn’t much older than I am. It just proves to me that if she can do it, so can I.

famous blogger success baby


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