LUTV: An Introduction


I attend Lindenwood University. LU has it’s own television station/channel. LUTV is the higher education cable channel for St. Charles County. It can be viewed via Charter Cable in (St. Charles County), AT&T U-verse (throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, and a live stream online. LUTV can be found on channel 989 on Charter digital cable turner. On QAM tuners at frequency 106. On AT&T U-verse at channel 99.

lutv logo

Mission Statement

The primary mission of LUTV is to provide the community with educational and cultural programming covering many diverse topics. The secondary mission of LUTV is to provide a learning environment for students. All of the shows broadcast on the channel have a high degree of student involvement. LUTV gives student hands-on situations that greatly help them in their future career.

camera crew

What’s on LUTV

LUTV has many different things on its channel. Everything from speaker series (an event that student can attend in which LU gets a speaker to come to speak directly to the students), to sporting events (football, basketball, soccer, and more), to Public Service Announcements, to LUTV News.

brittany and brian


LUTV News like a typical news broadcast. It has news, sports, weather, and much more. It covers university, local, state, regional, national, and international news stories. The news stories in the past have ranged from the Blanchette Bridge Repair, to the Lindenwood  HIV scandal, to state governmental news. Sports stories include Lindenwood sports, Cardinals baseball stats, St. Charles Chill stats, and many others. There are also packages in the show that cover a variety of topics. Packages are a news segment completed in the field (not in the studio) by a reporter. Packages in the past have covered a boxing night at Ameristar Casino, the soccer match up in Busch Stadium, craft beer making at local breweries, and many more.

TV News

LUTV is where my passion lies. I want to be involved with TV news after I graduate, whether that be behind the scenes, reporting , or anchoring. I really like the importance of being involved with the news. The community needs to know important information that influences their lives and I want to be part of delivering it.

Floor Directing

In the past I have been a few different positions for LUTV News. My favorite and most frequented position was floor directing. Floor directing can be very hard, stressful, and fast paced. But it is also fun, important, and rewarding. The floor director is the director’s eyes, ears, mouth, and hands on the floor on the studio. The floor director basically runs the show for the director. The floor director is stationed on inside the studio so he/she can help out the camera crew and talent. The floor director has a sheet called the run-down, which basically has all of the important and necessary elements of a show crammed into one sheet. This sheets lets the floor director know what is going on and who needs to be doing what. I like floor directing for a variety of reasons. The foremost reason why I enjoyed floor directing because it was important, I was needed to make the show run smoothly. People relied on me to get the job done.

floor directing

Camera Work

I have also done a little camera work for LUTV. I was a camera operator during the news and I have also been a camera operator for shooting elements in the field that is needed for the show. I shoot stuff for the weather and packages. I liked shooting weather because I got to be creative with nature. I really enjoyed seeing something as simple as a tree and turning it into an interesting shot worthy of being on the news. I would find myself walking across campus and looking up and thinking “Wow, that would be a great shot for weather!”



I am excited for my new adventure in Mass Communications and LUTV. Next semester (Spring of 2014) I’m taking a class called super semester. In super semester, students further their knowledge in the TV and News aspect of Broadcast Communications. They learned newswriting, reporting, anchoring, and much more. I am so excited, it hurts! I am excited to report for LUTV. I am excited to anchor for LUTV. I am excited to learn so much that it will make my head spin.

lou brock

See Ya Later

Until the next adventure in Mass Communications…..maybe you’ll see me on LUTV News.



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