Marisa Lather: Revamping your Online Personal Brand

Meet Marisa

Marisa Lather is definitely someone who knows about the field of social media. Marisa visited by #pbandjterm class to discuss do’s and don’ts concerning social media when trying to develop and manage your online personal brand.

glasses marisa

About Marisa
Marisa describes herself as a lover of music, social media, and fashion. She is blogging about the above things and trying to educate people in social media. Marisa is knowledgeable because of what she does. Marisa is a freelance social media manager for a few different clients in St. Louis. Marisa microblogs on many different social media platforms, she also has a few different profiles on each platform. Marisa is the marketing director at a company called Microgrid Solar.

Microgrid Solar
Microgrid Solar is the leading Midwest solar integrator providing custom energy management service to residential and commercial clients. This company is based in the Midwest, but is expanding currently.

microgrid solar

Digital Integrity in Personal Branding
Marisa titled her presentation Digital Integrity in Personal Branding. This presentation taught me a lot about managing my personal brand with integrity and intelligence.
Marisa taught me that I need to build my online portfolio (social media presence or online personal brand). I need a good username. Check. A well written bio. Check. Website to attach. Check. Professional headshot. I don’t have a professional headshot but I like the photographs I’ve been using. I feel like the ones I’m using are professional, positive, and connect to my career. Also I need to add my name in the title of appropriate pictures on social media so in comes up when I’m searched.

marisa hat

What Not to Post
Marisa also taught me what not to post. Don’t post provocative photographs, anything concerning drinking and drugs, or illegal behavior. Don’t badmouth previous employers, or anyone in general. Don’t post discriminatory comments or photos. Don’t lie about qualifications and don’t contradict qualifications. Don’t post anything that would be considered inappropriate behavior.

beer bottles


What to Post

Marisa taught me what to post. Post about any awards and/or accolades. Post about any accomplishments. Post about any special skills. Post about any volunteer opportunities you participate in. Post about any appropriate situation. Post anything that shows you have a well-rounded personality and interests. Post about industry related things, no matter what industry you are currently in.

marisa business

There’s no Shame in Googling Yourself
The fourth thing Marisa taught me to google search yourself. This allows you to find things that you don’t want to be found. This also allows you to take actions to get rid of things that you don’t want to be conveyed in your online personal brand. Because if you can google search yourself and find something you don’t like, so can anyone else (a future employer, a future client, even the president).

google logo

The Grandma Rule
The fifth thing that Marisa taught me is a good rule to live by, online that is. “If it can’t be explained to your grandma, don’t post it.” Another way to look at it is if you don’t want grandma to see or read what you’re posting, DON’T.

grandma keg stand meme

Double Dipping
Marisa has two accounts on most social media platforms. For instance, Facebook. On Facebook, she has an account for “friends”. She also has an account her “work”. The “friends” account is a typical account that has fun posts about Marisa’s though. The “work” account is a highly regulated account, in which her online personal brand is maintained. She posts about work related things. She also has a work twitter and a friends twitter.

marisa fashion

To conclude, Marisa ties into my #pbandjterm class because she has an online personal brand. Marisa is also very well versed in managing an online personal brand via many different social media outlets.


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