#PBandJterm Top Ten

10. Getting to Know New People

I really enjoyed getting to know all of the people in #pbandjterm. Everyone in the #pbandjterm class enriched it in their own way. I also enjoyed reconnecting with the people I already knew. I enjoyed furthering connections with people within the same school (The School of Communications) and people from other schools as well.


9. Scott Stratten

The Google Hangout with Scott Stratten was so amazing. It just proved how important social media is. Michael gave his presentation and we were tweeting, including Scott’s twitter handle, he started tweeting back and then wanted to Skype. He told our class a lot about how he has created and managed his online personal brand. Scott went above and beyond the expectation I had for him. He definitely is a brand you should know.

scott stratten

8. Marisa Lather

Marisa Lather was a great guest speaker. She talked a lot about social media management. She explained the what to do’s and the what not to do’s of social media when concerning creating and managing your online personal brand. Of course she talked about all of the typical don’t of social media but she also introduced a few good points on how to better manage social media, many of which I had never thought of. She left us with a good rule: “If you can’t explain it to Grandma, don’t post it.”

marisa business

7. Jess Leitch

Jess Leitch the LU alum and #pbandjterm graduate. Jess was really inspiring because she was so related. The fact that she is close to my age, went to LU (not to mention she took Jill’s #pbandjterm), has a popular personal brand, and she is known throughout St. Louis. Jess’ “City in A Jar” blog is a lifestyle blog that focuses mostly on fashion. It really reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City”. And anything that reminds me of one of my favorite shows of all time is great in my book.

jess laughing

6. Having a blast laughing our asses off

#Pbandjterm was filled with so much laughter, much of which was rooted with Jae (thanks for fixing my computer) and Andrew (you know what I’m saying). I really enjoyed going to class because I knew it would be a good time. I laughed so much at people hilarious presentation, memes, tweets, and just the funny people in the class.

famous blogger success baby

5. Switch Field Trip

Let me start this off by saying I haven’t been on a field trip in YEARS, probably elementary school was the last time and this was the best field trip hands down. It was great to see a company who created content for very popular brands, such as Budweiser. I really enjoyed the tour of the all-inclusive Switch facility. Andrew explained a lot of things. I was so inspired I’m seriously considering applying for an internship there.

switch logo

4. Jenn Cloud

I loved Jenn! Jenn was so relatable, fun, and inspiring. My favorite thing about Jenn is that she tweeted back to me. She also read my blog post about her and commented on it. I just really appreciate the fact that she appreciates her followers. It made me feel like she was genuine inspiration and that she really loves doing what she does. She inspired me in more ways than one. She inspired me to try for the spokester gig at Vantage Credit Union. She showed me the correct way to treat my followers, if I ever get any.

jenn cloud

3. Acclamation to Twitter

I had a twitter account before #pbandjterm however I didn’t really understand how it worked to well. And honestly I didn’t particularly care for it. I think I had maybe 2 dozen tweets and now I have almost 300. I understand that twitter is a really important tool in creating a personal brand online. It is place where I can obtain a following base and mass share the content that I create. I am in love with Twitter now.

twitter logog

2. Learning How to Build My Brand

Between Jill grilling us and the guest speakers and twitter and wordpress and the field trip I fully understand why it is important to have an online personal brand. I am now working towards pushing the brand I have created out there. I actually enjoy blogging which is kind of surprising. I hadn’t really ever thought that it would be something that I would enjoy, but I do. Now next semester when Jill makes me blog all the time, I’ll probably regret that sentence but for now it’s something I enjoy and plan on continuing (even though it’s not for class credit).


1. Social Media

I got to blow up social media for three weeks for class credit. Tweeting was my homework. I got to be on pinterest in class for class credit. I got to dive into pinterest for homework. Best. Assignments. Ever.

ron burgandy meme



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