LUTV Blog Log #1

Week Three

Week three of the super semester, which is week two of actually producing the newscasts ourselves. I don’t want to sound bad but I thought I knew what I was doing when concerning broadcast news journalism, turns out I was wrong. I have already learned so much and I still have so much yet to learn. The super semester has been such a great learning opportunity already. I am so thankful.


KCLC translates to LUTV

I have so experience in live news broadcasts. I do my work and learn in KCLC, so I deejay a few hours per week. I have been doing this for over a year now. I don’t even panic before my air shifts because it has become a routine. With that being said I panic when it comes to LUTV. It’s silly because I have experience but it’s still really different. I hope to one day become as comfortable being on LUTV as I am being on KCLC.


Monday of week two was my turn to do sports. I was really nervous about sports but I feel like I did a good job. I was a little bit clueless as to how I was supposed to do my sportscast but Alex and Brett helped a lot. I did my research. I wrote my stories. I made my graphics. And I used file footage video. I was really happy with it.

Next Time in Sports

Next time I do sports, I want to do pretty much the same thing. However I want to use some of my own video. I’d like to shoot a VO or VO-SOT to put in my newscast. I’d also like to somehow do a look live tease or a first sports tease. I want to challenge myself and I feel like adding another element would do so.


Wednesday of week two was my turn to do weather. I was more calm but still a little nervous. I feel like I did really well. I did a look live tease, a first weather, regular weather tease, and regular weather. I shoot and edit my look live tease, my weather VO for the tease, and the weather still for my weather forecast. I did my research. I wrote my scripts. I made my graphics.

look live picture

Next Time in Weather

Next time I do weather there isn’t a whole lot I’d like to change. I was really happy with it. However, I would like to challenge myself you maybe an actual live tease outside.

i don't always do look lives meme


Monday of week three was my turn to produce. I was really hectic trying to stay on top of your own tasks and everyone else’s tasks as well. I’m a really impatient proactive person. If something needs to be done I’ll jump on it finish it and then move to the next task. However, being the producer you can’t do other people’s jobs for them, so I had to sit there and wait. It was really hard because I sat at the computer looking at a lot of unfinished tasks and there was a thing I could do about it. Then worst part about it wasn’t I couldn’t do anything about all the pink but it was still my fault if it wasn’t ready at three. Producing made me remember why I want to be in front of the camera not behind it.

producing one does not simply meme

Next Time in Producing

Next time I produce, I want to be more chill. I know I got a little short the closer it got to three. I also want to push everyone to get as much finish before lunch as possible. The number one thing I would change would be starting off the day with a meeting so everyone knows what they are doing. And I know what everyone is doing to.

The End

To conclude, the past two and a half weeks have been crammed packed with information, learning, news, and stress. But I love it. I am so happy doing what I do. Here’s to the next 13 and half weeks.

Until the next mass communications adventure….


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