LUTV Blog Log

Week Five/Four

Well, it’s week five of spring semester 2014 or week four of the first rotation of super semester. The past four weeks have brought tears, stress, pain, and irritation. I have remembered why I love doing what I do and I have rethought my major and future career choice as well. In the end I remembered the passion I have for broadcast news.


(Best quote I’ve found in the textbook so far)


Since the last LUTV blog log I spent one week in the writers/anchor group. And this week I am in the package group. Both weeks have been hard and rewarding. I have learned a lot and I still have a lot left to learn.

anchor desk

(Marvin and Franscesa anchoring on 2/26/14)

I Love Anchoring!

Honestly I loved the writing and anchoring week. I loved anchoring! I wish I could do it more. Some of my family members watched my live and their comments were so uplifting. I felt like I did a good job. I just want to continue to practice my skills so I can become more comfortable on camera. I actually liked writing the stories. I liked reading the dry news story from the AP Wires and making it more lively and interesting for the anchors to read.

(Brandon and I anchoring on Sibley Day 2/19/14)


On Monday I wrote stories about men’s volleyball, president’s day, and a summer food program. On Wednesday I wrote stories about New Jobs in St. Louis, Sibley Day, and the Hailey Owens Kidnapping. I also shot some interviews for Sibley Day as well. It was nice to interview several people, with each just giving a sentence response. However, without Marvin I don’t know how many interviews I would have gotten. Also on Wednesday, I wrote the story about the Hailey Owens kidnapping which was breaking news, before she was discovered to be dead. Those are the kind of news stories I have a passion for. I want to inform the public and let people know what is going on. I just wish the outcome would have been differently. On Friday I wrote stories about wind damage, power outages, and school transfers. The school transfer story  is important to me because I am working on two packages on the same topic.

me on tv

(My look live tease for my DESE story 2/26/14 -part of my school transfer package)


LPS has been kind of stressful, but that good kind of stressful when it comes together great in the end. I feel like not enough people are working on it. However, the few people that are, are working extremely hard. I wrote three stories for LPS: gymnastics, baseball, and men’s hockey. I also kind of acted a little bit like an assistant producer for Ben, because his real assistant was busy with assisting the news producer. I would really like to anchor or make an on camera appearance for LPS someday.

(Friday 2/21/14’s LPS interview)


My package on Sundance ran last Wednesday. It was very stressful. I actually had a couple of breakdowns, but when I finally pulled it and myself together it went well. I’m glad I got the first package experience/breakdown out of the way. Now I can focus on making my packages better.

control room

(View from the control room on 2/26/14)

School Transfers

I’ve been working on packages about the school transferring ordeal going on here in St. Louis. I’m focusing on the Normandy and Francis Howell School Districts. I have been trying to set up interviews for four weeks now, and until Monday I haven’t gotten anywhere. I called and called and called and couldn’t get anyone to make plans for an interview. So I talked to my professor and contacted a reporter, Jessica Bock, from the St. Louis Post Dispatch whom wrote stories about the school transferring ordeal. She suggested that I contact the school board and superintendent. This was a good and bad thing. This caused people to get back to me. However, when they did get back to me they weren’t happy. I don’t understand what to think about this. At this point I’m no longer excited about it I just want to be done with it.

francis howell normandy

(Google Image Pictures of Francis Howell and Normandy School Districts)

How Do I Get On Camera Interviews!?!

Another issue I have been encountering is getting on camera interviews. Either people want to come up and ask me what I’m doing but don’t want to be on camera. Or they avoid me altogether. I have tried many different tactics and still can’t figure out the best route to take.


(Floor Crew on 2/26/14)

Until Next Time

Well until the next mass communications adventure….

breakdowns in super semester'


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