LUTV Reporter Blog #3

Already Almost Mid-Term

Well it is week seven of the spring semester/super semester. We are on week two of rotation two. Last week I was in the writing/anchoring group. This week I’m in the producing group.

( A tweet about my spring fever)

Week Six

I anchored with Caitlin on Friday. I really like anchoring. It’s something that I’m becoming more and more comfortable with. I wrote three stories on Wednesday: Budweiser Truck, State Wide Tornado Drill, and Concert Summer. On Friday I wrote six stories, three for news and three for LPS. For news I wrote: 64 Closed, Missouri Business Tax Break, and Ballpark Village. For LPS I wrote: Volleyball versus MOBAP, Synchronized Swimming, and Men’s and Women’s Golf. On Wednesday I had VOSOT in the show about the snow that covered LU’s campus and caused for Monday’s snow day.


(Caitlin Baker and I anchoring Friday 3/7’s newcast)

Week Seven

I was the assistant producer on Monday. I actually enjoyed it. I got to help a lot of people out. I felt useful and important. During the show I ran the teleprompter, which I dislike, greatly. I don’t like it because it’s important but yet I don’t feel like it is. It’s really hard to keep up with the talent because some people read a lot faster than others. On Wednesday I’m scheduled to produce. Hopefully this time around goes much smoother than the last. I think it will. On Friday I’m scheduled to be the assistant producer for news.


(Brandon Lehmann and I anchoring on Sibley Day, Wednesday 2/26/14)

Top Stories: Normandy

I’m working on a lot of different stories. The top one that I’ve been working on for a long time is the Normandy School Transfer story. It’s really starting to come together. On Wednesday evening I should get the rest of the footage. I’m hoping to put it in one of the show next week.


(Courtesy of Google Images)

This Week’s To-Do List

I am working on a package about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I think that one should be really fun to shoot. I’m pretty excited. I’m also working on FAFSA package. I really feel like this is important because I personally have no clue about anything to do with taxes or the FAFSA. I think a lot of students and people in the St. Charles community are probably in the same boat as I am. I am interviewing the FAFSA coordinator from Lindenwood’s financial aid office on Wednesday. I am also interviewing three students who all have different levels of experience in the FAFSA. I am also working on a VOSOT about a three dimensional art project that LU students are completing. I am also working on a VOSOT about Lindenwood’s billiards team.


( FAFSA Logo Courtesy of Google Images)

March’s To-Do List

I have a few more upcoming stories that I plan on shooting. I have been in contact with a representative from Education Plus. I plan on interviewing her about the legislative side of the school transfer/accreditation ordeal. I am also planning on doing a VOSOT about LU’s golf team. I am working on a VOSOT about the sorority Delta Zeta’s, hair donation event. DZ is hosting an event in which students can get their hair cut off in order to donate it someone who doesn’t have any. I am working on a VOSOT about Beard fest. Beard fest is an event on LU’s campus in which prizes will be given out for the best facial hair. I am working on a VOSOT/Package about the cheerleading squad and their upcoming trip to nationals. I’m also planning on doing a Package about the Lindy’s. The Lindy’s is Lindenwood’s version of the Grammy’s. The VOSOT I’m most excited about is Spring Break. I’m going to ask students what their plans are for spring break.


(a LUTV’s video camera….I’ll be spending a lot of time with one of these bad boys)

I Learned….

I learned that someone people aren’t going to be very nice. And someone people aren’t going to talk to you. And people are going to string you along. And you just sometimes have to cut your losses and move on. Dropping stories that you been working on isn’t fun, but if the stories isn’t going anywhere, you don’t have a choice.

(Here’s a video by Melissa Spears about the Behind the Scenes of LUTV)

Stress Level

I also had a mini heart attack. The stress of realizing that I’ve still got so many things to do and so little time to do so. And the fact isn’t already almost mid-term, is crazy. Where did the time go? I don’t know. Everyone in my class says I’m ahead and I’m on top of it because I’m constantly working on stuff and shooting. I mean of course I’m constantly busy working, shooting, writing, making phone calls, yet I feel like I’m behind. I don’t know. I’ll get it done, it’ll happen. I just need to stress less (which is impossible).

Until the next mass communications adventure…..


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