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Week Nine

Well, here we are. Week 9 of spring semester/super semester! I can’t even believe it. This semester is flying by. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much, yet still have so much to do. Week 8 was a busy week for me. I was in the sports/weather/video week. But I did a lot more than just that. Week 9 is my reporting/Package week.

me on screens

(Control view of the sportcast)

St. Patrick’s Day
On Monday, 3/17 I was scheduled for sports and I also wrapped about my St. Pat’s Parade VOSOT. Sports was easy. I did a story about softball which was really fun for me. I used to play softball, until a knee injury ended my career. So getting to read a story about LU’s softball success was extra special for me. I think reading a story about a sport I know a lot about and have a passion for makes for a better read. My St. Pat’s VOSOT went pretty bad. I went to the parade in downtown St. Louis. People are really mean. People didn’t want to move out of the way on the sidewalk to let me get by with the huge, heavy camera equipment. People didn’t want to let me set up the camera and the tripod. People didn’t want to step aside so I could get a good shot. However, eventually I made it work. I just explained to people that I’m doing this for a grade and that seemed to help. I think despite the difficulties I got a good, festive VOSOT out of the experience.

st pats sports

(Me preparing for the sportscast on 3/17)

(My St. Pat’s Parade VOSOT)

Wednesday 3/19
On Wednesday, 3/19 I was in charge of weather. I like doing weather, especially if you can make it fun. Deborah shot the weather VO and still for me, which made my day easier (I was able to work on my package). I actually had a little more fun actually doing the weather this time to. I gestured to the invisible to me map and used my hands to point things out that the viewers could see that I couldn’t. It was hard to make sure I was not in front of certain things and that I was gesturing the right direction. But I really enjoyed it.


(In front of the green screen giving the 5-day forecast)

Friday 3/21
On Friday, 3/21 I ran my FAFSA Package. I really enjoyed doing the FAFSA story for two reasons. One it wasn’t stressful. Two I felt like I was helping people out, because I personally don’t know anything about the FAFSA. I just give everything to my mom and she does it for me. I feel like about of students are in the same boat. There are probably parents that don’t know how to do it either. The point was to be informative. I interviewed Candice Brooks; for LU’s financial aid department and she explained the FAFSA in a simple, easy to understand way. I also interview to LU students, Dakota Shultz and Joe Maltos about their personal experience with the FAFSA.

(My FAFSA story)

Monday 3/24
On Monday 3/24 I ran my long awaited Normandy story. I have been working on this story since week one! It took 9 weeks to finally complete it. This is the story that has made me into a journalist. I’ve ran into trouble every step of the way. Someone thought I was going too far with my story, but I don’t think so. Honestly, I don’t think I was going far enough. I still don’t understand why the Normandy School District didn’t want to talk to the media. I was just trying to help. I just wanted to let people know why this is bad and why this is important. I just wanted to help them get their school back. I was really happy to get it done.


Wednesday 3/26
On Wednesday 3/26 I’m planning on running two VOSOTs. One is about the that LU’s Campus Activities Board hosted on Sunday 3/23. The other a Spring Break story, it’s about student’s plans for the upcoming spring break. This would be a fun story that I’m excited about. It shouldn’t be too hard to try to get people to talk to me.

spring break meme

(Meme about LU’s upcoming spring break. Courtesy of LU Memes on Facebook)

Friday 3/28
On Friday, I intend on running my Beardfest VOSOT, which I’m super excited about. The event is on Wednesday evening. Another fun story.
Another story, I’m working on is the Lindy’s. It’s on Thursday evening. I haven’t started shooting or interviewing yet. It will run after spring break.

super productive meme

(Meme about this week. Made via meme generator)

Until the next mass communications adventure…..


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