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Week 12

Well it’s already almost Easter. Spring fever is in full effect… well actually summer fever… well actually graduation fever. It’s week 12 of the super semester or week 13 off the semester. Wow… it’s already almost over. I’m kind of happy but kind of sad. Week 11 was my writing/anchor week. And Week 12 is my producing week.

brace yourself story ripped about meme


(A meme I made on about #supersemester)

Monday 4/7/14

On Monday I wrote three stories. One story was about Missouri Representative and a death threat that was directed at him because of his position on gun control/gun laws. Another story I wrote was a texting and driving story. A school bus driver for the Francis Howell school district was fired because he was texting while driving a bus that had children on it. The third story I wrote was another issue with school and texting, however this time it was students sexting. Fort Zumwalt East High was plagued with a sexting ordeal that may result in child pornography charges. Also on Monday my Package about the Lindy’s ran. The Lindy Awards, is LU’s version of the Emmy’s in which students can be honored for their hard work.

(My Lindy’s package on youtube)

Wednesday 4/9/14

On Wednesday I wrote three stories and anchored. I wrote a story about a Missouri salaries study that is going on. The study is so the Missouri government can cut down on the number of state employees, but improve the pay on the ones who remain. Another story I wrote was about the possible upcoming legalization of marijuana in Missouri.  A piece of legalization is being thrown around the Missouri government. The third story I wrote was about the Pittsburgh stabbing. The stabbing was in a school in which a student stabbed 22 people. I also anchored with Jess Plowman on Wednesday.

me anchoring 4.9.14

(A picture of me anchoring on Wednesday)

Friday 4/11/14

On Friday I wrote three stories and anchored again. I wrote a story about the Fed-Ex/School Bus wreck. This wreck happened in northern California. The Fed-ex truck crossed over the median and crashed in a school bus carrying kids to visit a college. The fiery collision left some dead.  Another story I wrote was about the possible change to the Missouri self defense law. The current law is that a owner or tenant of a property can defend them and their property-including the use of deadly force, however the addition would grant that same right to people on a property with the owner’s consent. The third story I wrote was about the St. Charles County Fire. In New Melle, there was a house fire that brought firefighters out in the early morning hours. No one was hurt because the house was being renovated therefore no one was living there at the time of the fire. I also anchored with Brittany Velasco. I really liked anchoring with her, because it was the perfect opportunity to watch her in action and learn from her.

(Joe’s Imari Miller package with Brittany and my anchor lead in from youtube)

Monday 4/14/14

Week 12 is my producing week, however I’m not doing any producing. Monday I had a VOSOT about men’s rugby run. I was also the assistant producer to Brandon. I also wrote three stories too. One story was about the O’Fallon cop that got arrested for stealing drug evidence out of the evidence vault for personal use. The cop was charged with felony stealing and felony possession of prescription drugs. Another story I wrote was about the LU synchronized swimming team. They just won their bid at nationals, bringing four medals back to LU. The third story I wrote was about the dog that attacked and killed another dog in an off leash dog park. This dog, Zeus was returned to it’s owner with consequences. The consequences included behavior counseling, being banned for dog parks, and socialization training. During the show I ran the teleprompter.

first world prob everyone hates lead


(A meme I made on about #supersemester)

Wednesday 4/16/14

On Wednesday I wasn’t scheduled for anything. However I kept busy. I had a package about LU’s Campus YMCA  that ran. This was a stressful story because it received double coverage from super semester. However, both parties got to turn something in and it was well cover for the viewers. I also had VO about LU’s Delta Zeta chapter’s Big Man on Campus competition. The Big Man on Campus is a competition, which is basically a beauty pageant for men. There were a casual wear, formal wear, swimwear, and talent categories. The guys were then crowned by National All American Miss Missouri Shenell Randall (which happens to be my suitemate). Wednesday was a good day in the news room. Everyone was in such a great mood. There was a lot of laughter, smiles, and having fun.

success baby(A meme I made on about #supersemester)


Friday 4/18/14

Since Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) is this upcoming Friday no classes and no news is schedule. I must say I’m pretty happy for a break.

(A tweet from me about #supersemester)

Until the next mass communications adventure….

(A tweet from me about #masscommadventures)


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