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It’s almost over!

It’s almost over, spring semester 2014 and super semester that is. This is my last reporter blog of my super semester and LUTV experience. I’ve learned a lot. Too much to even list. But mostly I’ve learned how to be a reporter and what it takes to be a reporter. I’ve had days that I loved being a reporter. And I’ve also had days when I had to rethink my major. But I do love what I do and I’m getting better at it. I like being in front of the camera but I have had to do things behind the camera as well. This made me appreciate the hard work of all of the behind the scenes people.

(This is my latest package about LU’s Campus YMCA Spring into Service Event)

Week 14
Week 14 was my sports, weather, and video week. On Monday 4/21, I did sports. I like to do sports, because I’ve always liked sports. But I don’t think people take me seriously, because I’m a girl. On Friday 4/25, I did weather. I like to do weather too. I think I have gotten better on my hands movement when gesturing to the imaginary map behind me. On Wednesday 4/23, I did a vo-sot about Delta Zeta’s (a Lindenwood sorority) charity event. They hosted an event in which people could cut 8 inches off of their hair and donate it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. I interviewed one of the professional stylists that were helping out at the event cutting hair.

me doing sports

(This is my latest time doing sports)

Week 15
Week 15 is my reporting week however on Monday 4/28 I was the assistant producer. I don’t particularly like producing. But apparently I’m good at it because I’m bossy. I’m working on two packages right now.

(A tweet that stemmed from a conversation between me and Brittany Velasco)

What’s Left to Do
What I have left as of now at 9:32 pm on Wednesday 4/30 is 2 packages, 1 vo-sot, and two sports vos. I have both packages in the works. I have pitched an idea for a vo-sot. I might be doing vo-sots instead of sports vos, because the sports seasons are ending.

philosraptor ahead meme

(A meme I created on

In the works
The vo-sot I pitched is about Lindenwood University Dean Bice. Cynthia Bice was named Educator of the Year by the Saint Louis Association of Secondary School Principals. I’d like to interview her and do a story about her because this is an impressive honor for Bice, herself and Lindenwood as well. One is about the graduating LUTV seniors. There are Ben Bathke, Brittany Velasco, Brett McMillanDavid SchlagerDavid AmelottiMarie Heart, and Michael Sprague.  I’m excited about it but there was a little bit of stress in the beginning. Another story I got assigned the story today (Wednesday 4/30) at 10. I went down to Frontier Park and shot the Show-Me State Games Torch Lighting Ceremony and run. It was a really interesting and fun to do. I started writing the script and thinking about the editing. I will have it done to run on Fridays show. The seniors one will air closer to the end of the semester.


(My latest time doing weather)

Until Next Time…. 
I’m excited that it’s almost over because I’ve learned so much through the course of this semester. I’ve also been stressed out a lot. But I’m happy to have gained the experience.

like a boss meme
Until the next mass communications adventure….


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