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Week Nine

Well, here we are. Week 9 of spring semester/super semester! I can’t even believe it. This semester is flying by. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much, yet still have so much to do. Week 8 was a busy week for me. I was in the sports/weather/video week. But I did a lot more than just that. Week 9 is my reporting/Package week.

me on screens

(Control view of the sportcast)

St. Patrick’s Day
On Monday, 3/17 I was scheduled for sports and I also wrapped about my St. Pat’s Parade VOSOT. Sports was easy. I did a story about softball which was really fun for me. I used to play softball, until a knee injury ended my career. So getting to read a story about LU’s softball success was extra special for me. I think reading a story about a sport I know a lot about and have a passion for makes for a better read. My St. Pat’s VOSOT went pretty bad. I went to the parade in downtown St. Louis. People are really mean. People didn’t want to move out of the way on the sidewalk to let me get by with the huge, heavy camera equipment. People didn’t want to let me set up the camera and the tripod. People didn’t want to step aside so I could get a good shot. However, eventually I made it work. I just explained to people that I’m doing this for a grade and that seemed to help. I think despite the difficulties I got a good, festive VOSOT out of the experience.

st pats sports

(Me preparing for the sportscast on 3/17)

(My St. Pat’s Parade VOSOT)

Wednesday 3/19
On Wednesday, 3/19 I was in charge of weather. I like doing weather, especially if you can make it fun. Deborah shot the weather VO and still for me, which made my day easier (I was able to work on my package). I actually had a little more fun actually doing the weather this time to. I gestured to the invisible to me map and used my hands to point things out that the viewers could see that I couldn’t. It was hard to make sure I was not in front of certain things and that I was gesturing the right direction. But I really enjoyed it.


(In front of the green screen giving the 5-day forecast)

Friday 3/21
On Friday, 3/21 I ran my FAFSA Package. I really enjoyed doing the FAFSA story for two reasons. One it wasn’t stressful. Two I felt like I was helping people out, because I personally don’t know anything about the FAFSA. I just give everything to my mom and she does it for me. I feel like about of students are in the same boat. There are probably parents that don’t know how to do it either. The point was to be informative. I interviewed Candice Brooks; for LU’s financial aid department and she explained the FAFSA in a simple, easy to understand way. I also interview to LU students, Dakota Shultz and Joe Maltos about their personal experience with the FAFSA.

(My FAFSA story)

Monday 3/24
On Monday 3/24 I ran my long awaited Normandy story. I have been working on this story since week one! It took 9 weeks to finally complete it. This is the story that has made me into a journalist. I’ve ran into trouble every step of the way. Someone thought I was going too far with my story, but I don’t think so. Honestly, I don’t think I was going far enough. I still don’t understand why the Normandy School District didn’t want to talk to the media. I was just trying to help. I just wanted to let people know why this is bad and why this is important. I just wanted to help them get their school back. I was really happy to get it done.


Wednesday 3/26
On Wednesday 3/26 I’m planning on running two VOSOTs. One is about the that LU’s Campus Activities Board hosted on Sunday 3/23. The other a Spring Break story, it’s about student’s plans for the upcoming spring break. This would be a fun story that I’m excited about. It shouldn’t be too hard to try to get people to talk to me.

spring break meme

(Meme about LU’s upcoming spring break. Courtesy of LU Memes on Facebook)

Friday 3/28
On Friday, I intend on running my Beardfest VOSOT, which I’m super excited about. The event is on Wednesday evening. Another fun story.
Another story, I’m working on is the Lindy’s. It’s on Thursday evening. I haven’t started shooting or interviewing yet. It will run after spring break.

super productive meme

(Meme about this week. Made via meme generator)

Until the next mass communications adventure…..


LUTV Reporter Blog #3

Already Almost Mid-Term

Well it is week seven of the spring semester/super semester. We are on week two of rotation two. Last week I was in the writing/anchoring group. This week I’m in the producing group.

( A tweet about my spring fever)

Week Six

I anchored with Caitlin on Friday. I really like anchoring. It’s something that I’m becoming more and more comfortable with. I wrote three stories on Wednesday: Budweiser Truck, State Wide Tornado Drill, and Concert Summer. On Friday I wrote six stories, three for news and three for LPS. For news I wrote: 64 Closed, Missouri Business Tax Break, and Ballpark Village. For LPS I wrote: Volleyball versus MOBAP, Synchronized Swimming, and Men’s and Women’s Golf. On Wednesday I had VOSOT in the show about the snow that covered LU’s campus and caused for Monday’s snow day.


(Caitlin Baker and I anchoring Friday 3/7’s newcast)

Week Seven

I was the assistant producer on Monday. I actually enjoyed it. I got to help a lot of people out. I felt useful and important. During the show I ran the teleprompter, which I dislike, greatly. I don’t like it because it’s important but yet I don’t feel like it is. It’s really hard to keep up with the talent because some people read a lot faster than others. On Wednesday I’m scheduled to produce. Hopefully this time around goes much smoother than the last. I think it will. On Friday I’m scheduled to be the assistant producer for news.


(Brandon Lehmann and I anchoring on Sibley Day, Wednesday 2/26/14)

Top Stories: Normandy

I’m working on a lot of different stories. The top one that I’ve been working on for a long time is the Normandy School Transfer story. It’s really starting to come together. On Wednesday evening I should get the rest of the footage. I’m hoping to put it in one of the show next week.


(Courtesy of Google Images)

This Week’s To-Do List

I am working on a package about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I think that one should be really fun to shoot. I’m pretty excited. I’m also working on FAFSA package. I really feel like this is important because I personally have no clue about anything to do with taxes or the FAFSA. I think a lot of students and people in the St. Charles community are probably in the same boat as I am. I am interviewing the FAFSA coordinator from Lindenwood’s financial aid office on Wednesday. I am also interviewing three students who all have different levels of experience in the FAFSA. I am also working on a VOSOT about a three dimensional art project that LU students are completing. I am also working on a VOSOT about Lindenwood’s billiards team.


( FAFSA Logo Courtesy of Google Images)

March’s To-Do List

I have a few more upcoming stories that I plan on shooting. I have been in contact with a representative from Education Plus. I plan on interviewing her about the legislative side of the school transfer/accreditation ordeal. I am also planning on doing a VOSOT about LU’s golf team. I am working on a VOSOT about the sorority Delta Zeta’s, hair donation event. DZ is hosting an event in which students can get their hair cut off in order to donate it someone who doesn’t have any. I am working on a VOSOT about Beard fest. Beard fest is an event on LU’s campus in which prizes will be given out for the best facial hair. I am working on a VOSOT/Package about the cheerleading squad and their upcoming trip to nationals. I’m also planning on doing a Package about the Lindy’s. The Lindy’s is Lindenwood’s version of the Grammy’s. The VOSOT I’m most excited about is Spring Break. I’m going to ask students what their plans are for spring break.


(a LUTV’s video camera….I’ll be spending a lot of time with one of these bad boys)

I Learned….

I learned that someone people aren’t going to be very nice. And someone people aren’t going to talk to you. And people are going to string you along. And you just sometimes have to cut your losses and move on. Dropping stories that you been working on isn’t fun, but if the stories isn’t going anywhere, you don’t have a choice.

(Here’s a video by Melissa Spears about the Behind the Scenes of LUTV)

Stress Level

I also had a mini heart attack. The stress of realizing that I’ve still got so many things to do and so little time to do so. And the fact isn’t already almost mid-term, is crazy. Where did the time go? I don’t know. Everyone in my class says I’m ahead and I’m on top of it because I’m constantly working on stuff and shooting. I mean of course I’m constantly busy working, shooting, writing, making phone calls, yet I feel like I’m behind. I don’t know. I’ll get it done, it’ll happen. I just need to stress less (which is impossible).

Until the next mass communications adventure…..

The History of Sensationalism: Industry Issues Blog #2

What is Sensationalism?

According to Wikipedia, sensationalism is an editorial bias in media/news. An editorial bias means dramatizing the story to increase viewership or readership depending on the medium. Sensationalistic reporting can be compared to tabloids. The typical tactic in sensationalism is appealing to three main emotions: fear, drama, and anger.

Sensationalism is a Problem

I think sensationalism is a problem in the media today, stories that aren’t “news” and being dramatized and made into “news”. When I had to watch KSDK for the local newscast analysis, they sensationalized/dramatized many stories that I taught shouldn’t have been dramatized.

sensationalism cartoon


(cartoon about sensationalism from Google Images)

Blowing Up Stories

An article from the Nieman Reports, Murder Trials and Media Sensationalism by Steve Oney examines the beginnings of sensationalism.  Today’s media blow up stories like the Zimmerman trial and even a decade ago with the Scott Peterson and O.J. Simpson trials, and make them racial, over dramatic, and taint the jury pool. The way journalists report on stories today started back in 1913.

Sensationalism in 1913

In 1913, a 13 year old Atlanta factory worker named Mary Phagan was found murdered. She was found in the basement of the National Pencil Company. Leo M. Frank was the superintendent of the National Pencil Company.

leo frank

(Leo Frank from Google Images)

Atlanta Constitution

A reporter from the Atlanta Constitution (newspaper) went with police officers to the murder scene. In the morning the Atlanta Constitution had the story.

Atlanta Journal

There was another newspaper on the scene, the Atlanta Journal. The Atlanta Journal got ahold of one of two notes that were discovered with the girl’s body. These notes were published on the first page.

The Atlanta Georgian

Yet another newspaper got in on the action, The The Atlanta Georgian (the weakest newspaper of the three). The Georgian was owned and published by William Randolph Hearst. Hearst himself said we (The Atlanta Georgian) played the case hard. They did this by over fluffing stories (embellishing the stories without any truth behind the embellishment). They started speculating about the killer and about Leo Frank himself. They also started speculating that Frank and the victim were having a sexual relationship. They basically accused Frank and tainted the jury pool. This story propelled The Atlanta Georgian to become the top newspaper in the area.

Jon Stewart’s Take

Another article I found on, Jon Stewart Blasts Sensationalism in the News Media, but is it Really So Bad? Sensationalism Actually Serves a Purpose, Historian Finds by Tony Rogers. Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show” host think sensationalism is a really problem in today’s society, as do I. Stewart is a comedian. He talks about current events in a satirical way. Stewart said, “The embarrassment is that I’m given credibility in this world because of the disappointment that the public has in what the news media does.”

(Jon Stewart about Sensationalism)

Stephens’ Research

This article talked about sensationalism’s history as did the previous article. NYU Journalism Professor Mitchell Stephens, author of “A History of News”, said sensationalism has been around since storytelling began. He also noted that it usually focused on sex and conflict (similar to today). Stephens said sensationalism also occurred in preliterate societies (gossiping).

mitchell stephens

(Mitchell Stephen’s twitter picture from Google Images)

Circulation Situation

Stephens also mentions the sensationalism in the 19th century (newspaper) circulation quarrel between Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst (does he sound familiar?). Both of these guys were accused of sensationalism in order to out sell the other.

Ancient Rome

Stephens even cites that the Roman philosopher Cicero complained that the “Acta Diurna” (the ancient equivalent to Rome’s daily newspaper) was a tabloid used to gossip about gladiators.

So…Sensationalism is Good?

Stephens said sensationalism is unavoidable and necessary. It’s unavoidable because it is pre-programmed into us as humans. It’s necessary because it spreads information in a social, easily digestible way.

Nah…It’s Still Bad

Stephens compares sensationalism in news as junk food. We hate to admit it but we love it. I agree…kinda. I love to hear the Miley stories, but come on not in a CNN broadcast. There is a place for Miley and there is a separate place for hard news.

Heed the Warning

Future journalists should take the history of sensationalism to mind. This is something that shouldn’t be in the news, however it is. It always has been and always will be.

This week I learned….

This week I learned sometimes people aren’t going to cooperate. Sometimes they will give you the run around and then finally help you. And sometimes people will give you the run around and then bail. And sometimes you have to have Jill call people to smooth things over. The biggest thing I learned this week is kill people with kindness. Be super nice; even if they are mean be nice.

Until the next mass communications adventure….

LUTV Blog Log

Week Five/Four

Well, it’s week five of spring semester 2014 or week four of the first rotation of super semester. The past four weeks have brought tears, stress, pain, and irritation. I have remembered why I love doing what I do and I have rethought my major and future career choice as well. In the end I remembered the passion I have for broadcast news.


(Best quote I’ve found in the textbook so far)


Since the last LUTV blog log I spent one week in the writers/anchor group. And this week I am in the package group. Both weeks have been hard and rewarding. I have learned a lot and I still have a lot left to learn.

anchor desk

(Marvin and Franscesa anchoring on 2/26/14)

I Love Anchoring!

Honestly I loved the writing and anchoring week. I loved anchoring! I wish I could do it more. Some of my family members watched my live and their comments were so uplifting. I felt like I did a good job. I just want to continue to practice my skills so I can become more comfortable on camera. I actually liked writing the stories. I liked reading the dry news story from the AP Wires and making it more lively and interesting for the anchors to read.

(Brandon and I anchoring on Sibley Day 2/19/14)


On Monday I wrote stories about men’s volleyball, president’s day, and a summer food program. On Wednesday I wrote stories about New Jobs in St. Louis, Sibley Day, and the Hailey Owens Kidnapping. I also shot some interviews for Sibley Day as well. It was nice to interview several people, with each just giving a sentence response. However, without Marvin I don’t know how many interviews I would have gotten. Also on Wednesday, I wrote the story about the Hailey Owens kidnapping which was breaking news, before she was discovered to be dead. Those are the kind of news stories I have a passion for. I want to inform the public and let people know what is going on. I just wish the outcome would have been differently. On Friday I wrote stories about wind damage, power outages, and school transfers. The school transfer story  is important to me because I am working on two packages on the same topic.

me on tv

(My look live tease for my DESE story 2/26/14 -part of my school transfer package)


LPS has been kind of stressful, but that good kind of stressful when it comes together great in the end. I feel like not enough people are working on it. However, the few people that are, are working extremely hard. I wrote three stories for LPS: gymnastics, baseball, and men’s hockey. I also kind of acted a little bit like an assistant producer for Ben, because his real assistant was busy with assisting the news producer. I would really like to anchor or make an on camera appearance for LPS someday.

(Friday 2/21/14’s LPS interview)


My package on Sundance ran last Wednesday. It was very stressful. I actually had a couple of breakdowns, but when I finally pulled it and myself together it went well. I’m glad I got the first package experience/breakdown out of the way. Now I can focus on making my packages better.

control room

(View from the control room on 2/26/14)

School Transfers

I’ve been working on packages about the school transferring ordeal going on here in St. Louis. I’m focusing on the Normandy and Francis Howell School Districts. I have been trying to set up interviews for four weeks now, and until Monday I haven’t gotten anywhere. I called and called and called and couldn’t get anyone to make plans for an interview. So I talked to my professor and contacted a reporter, Jessica Bock, from the St. Louis Post Dispatch whom wrote stories about the school transferring ordeal. She suggested that I contact the school board and superintendent. This was a good and bad thing. This caused people to get back to me. However, when they did get back to me they weren’t happy. I don’t understand what to think about this. At this point I’m no longer excited about it I just want to be done with it.

francis howell normandy

(Google Image Pictures of Francis Howell and Normandy School Districts)

How Do I Get On Camera Interviews!?!

Another issue I have been encountering is getting on camera interviews. Either people want to come up and ask me what I’m doing but don’t want to be on camera. Or they avoid me altogether. I have tried many different tactics and still can’t figure out the best route to take.


(Floor Crew on 2/26/14)

Until Next Time

Well until the next mass communications adventure….

breakdowns in super semester'

LUTV Blog Log #1

Week Three

Week three of the super semester, which is week two of actually producing the newscasts ourselves. I don’t want to sound bad but I thought I knew what I was doing when concerning broadcast news journalism, turns out I was wrong. I have already learned so much and I still have so much yet to learn. The super semester has been such a great learning opportunity already. I am so thankful.


KCLC translates to LUTV

I have so experience in live news broadcasts. I do my work and learn in KCLC, so I deejay a few hours per week. I have been doing this for over a year now. I don’t even panic before my air shifts because it has become a routine. With that being said I panic when it comes to LUTV. It’s silly because I have experience but it’s still really different. I hope to one day become as comfortable being on LUTV as I am being on KCLC.


Monday of week two was my turn to do sports. I was really nervous about sports but I feel like I did a good job. I was a little bit clueless as to how I was supposed to do my sportscast but Alex and Brett helped a lot. I did my research. I wrote my stories. I made my graphics. And I used file footage video. I was really happy with it.

Next Time in Sports

Next time I do sports, I want to do pretty much the same thing. However I want to use some of my own video. I’d like to shoot a VO or VO-SOT to put in my newscast. I’d also like to somehow do a look live tease or a first sports tease. I want to challenge myself and I feel like adding another element would do so.


Wednesday of week two was my turn to do weather. I was more calm but still a little nervous. I feel like I did really well. I did a look live tease, a first weather, regular weather tease, and regular weather. I shoot and edit my look live tease, my weather VO for the tease, and the weather still for my weather forecast. I did my research. I wrote my scripts. I made my graphics.

look live picture

Next Time in Weather

Next time I do weather there isn’t a whole lot I’d like to change. I was really happy with it. However, I would like to challenge myself you maybe an actual live tease outside.

i don't always do look lives meme


Monday of week three was my turn to produce. I was really hectic trying to stay on top of your own tasks and everyone else’s tasks as well. I’m a really impatient proactive person. If something needs to be done I’ll jump on it finish it and then move to the next task. However, being the producer you can’t do other people’s jobs for them, so I had to sit there and wait. It was really hard because I sat at the computer looking at a lot of unfinished tasks and there was a thing I could do about it. Then worst part about it wasn’t I couldn’t do anything about all the pink but it was still my fault if it wasn’t ready at three. Producing made me remember why I want to be in front of the camera not behind it.

producing one does not simply meme

Next Time in Producing

Next time I produce, I want to be more chill. I know I got a little short the closer it got to three. I also want to push everyone to get as much finish before lunch as possible. The number one thing I would change would be starting off the day with a meeting so everyone knows what they are doing. And I know what everyone is doing to.

The End

To conclude, the past two and a half weeks have been crammed packed with information, learning, news, and stress. But I love it. I am so happy doing what I do. Here’s to the next 13 and half weeks.

Until the next mass communications adventure….

Industry Issue: Social Media in the Newsroom

Social Media

Social media is obviously important in today’s society. Social media connects people of all ages from all different background from all over the world. Many people have many different social media accounts such as: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many others.

Social Media in News

Social media is also becoming prominent in news media. News outlets are using social media to illustrate facts in stories being covered. For example, CNN and other news outlets use Twitter statistics as actual statistics to prove a point. Furthermore, these news outlets are using if something is trending on Twitter, as a way to illustrate prominenPinterestce in society.

first world prob twitter meme


Pinterest to social media pin board is also becoming more prominent to use in the newsroom. Pinterest is in the Top 10 most trafficked  network site, with 11 million visitors during the second full week of December, according to Hitwise. The site’s main users tend to be brides-to-be; people interested in home decor and lifestyle magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens.

How to Use Pinterest in News

Pinterest is a great place for health and lifestyle news or feature stories. However, Pinterest does have relevance in the hard news department. Reporters and news outlets can share news. For example, Pinterest can be used to share good photos from a breaking news event. Pin the picture and add the link in the description. Use Pinterest so viewers can get a preview of what’s next. For example, a sneak peek of some of tomorrow’s story. Or tease an interview with a popular person. It is a good place to posts photographs. If an event just happened in the community you report in posts pictures of the event. For example, a high school football game. Or post a picture of food at local restaurant your publication is featuring. Also Pinterest can be used for infographics about important information, such as flu season tips. Also shows of the people who make the news happen. Such as a picture of the producer doing his/her thing. Or the camera crew framing up a shot. Or the director calling the shots from the control. Viewers want to know the faces of who is behind the news that they don’t get to see every day. These pictures can even turn into a “behind the scenes” story. Also invite readers/viewers to participate. This lets members of the community get involved with the news, and then they feel more involved with what is going on. You can even run a reader submitted picture contest to really get the public involved.

Relevance to Students

This is very important to working journalists and journalism students because they are already using these sites recreationally, why not bring it into the newsroom. Pinterest is a high traffic site so why not promote the news stations on there.


Now there is an online pin broad like Pinterest for journalists called Newspeg. Newspeg was developed by journalist Mark Potts. Newspeg is a platform for sharing (pegging/pinning) articles that you deem important enough to tell others about or save for later reading. The point and namesake of this site is the reminder of the nostalgic mental image of cutting out a snippet from a favorite newspaper article/picture and pinning to a bulletin board or on the refrigerator door. This is the high tech version of the same concept.

What is Newspeg?

It kind of resembles Pinterest and blogs. Each article is represented by a tile. Each tile displays the title of the piece, original source, a small image thumbnail, and who pegged the post. Newspeg also resembles Pinterest in the fact that each pegger can make boards to organize pegged articles, named things such as “Politics”, “Cooking”, or anything else.

Potts on Newspeg

According to Newspeg’s creator Potts, “Newspeg draws from the wisdom of the crowd to create an ever-changing display of news that reflects what real people think is interesting, and to allow for the creation of deep, human-driven collections of news on specific topics.”

Future of Newspeg

Newspeg is working toward partnering with media organizations to customize and brand their own peg boards. Think media organizations like CNN, FOX, New York Times, BBC, and many others. If these media moguls get directly into the Newspeg action, the amount of correct information circling through Newspeg will increase exponentially, fast.

Relevance to Students

A site like Newspeg is valuable to working journalists and journalism students because it basically a social media pin board for news articles. People can go to Newspeg and find accurate information quickly. I also think if news is presented in a way that is similar to social media more non-news people will jump on the news wagon.

#PBandJterm Top Ten

10. Getting to Know New People

I really enjoyed getting to know all of the people in #pbandjterm. Everyone in the #pbandjterm class enriched it in their own way. I also enjoyed reconnecting with the people I already knew. I enjoyed furthering connections with people within the same school (The School of Communications) and people from other schools as well.


9. Scott Stratten

The Google Hangout with Scott Stratten was so amazing. It just proved how important social media is. Michael gave his presentation and we were tweeting, including Scott’s twitter handle, he started tweeting back and then wanted to Skype. He told our class a lot about how he has created and managed his online personal brand. Scott went above and beyond the expectation I had for him. He definitely is a brand you should know.

scott stratten

8. Marisa Lather

Marisa Lather was a great guest speaker. She talked a lot about social media management. She explained the what to do’s and the what not to do’s of social media when concerning creating and managing your online personal brand. Of course she talked about all of the typical don’t of social media but she also introduced a few good points on how to better manage social media, many of which I had never thought of. She left us with a good rule: “If you can’t explain it to Grandma, don’t post it.”

marisa business

7. Jess Leitch

Jess Leitch the LU alum and #pbandjterm graduate. Jess was really inspiring because she was so related. The fact that she is close to my age, went to LU (not to mention she took Jill’s #pbandjterm), has a popular personal brand, and she is known throughout St. Louis. Jess’ “City in A Jar” blog is a lifestyle blog that focuses mostly on fashion. It really reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City”. And anything that reminds me of one of my favorite shows of all time is great in my book.

jess laughing

6. Having a blast laughing our asses off

#Pbandjterm was filled with so much laughter, much of which was rooted with Jae (thanks for fixing my computer) and Andrew (you know what I’m saying). I really enjoyed going to class because I knew it would be a good time. I laughed so much at people hilarious presentation, memes, tweets, and just the funny people in the class.

famous blogger success baby

5. Switch Field Trip

Let me start this off by saying I haven’t been on a field trip in YEARS, probably elementary school was the last time and this was the best field trip hands down. It was great to see a company who created content for very popular brands, such as Budweiser. I really enjoyed the tour of the all-inclusive Switch facility. Andrew explained a lot of things. I was so inspired I’m seriously considering applying for an internship there.

switch logo

4. Jenn Cloud

I loved Jenn! Jenn was so relatable, fun, and inspiring. My favorite thing about Jenn is that she tweeted back to me. She also read my blog post about her and commented on it. I just really appreciate the fact that she appreciates her followers. It made me feel like she was genuine inspiration and that she really loves doing what she does. She inspired me in more ways than one. She inspired me to try for the spokester gig at Vantage Credit Union. She showed me the correct way to treat my followers, if I ever get any.

jenn cloud

3. Acclamation to Twitter

I had a twitter account before #pbandjterm however I didn’t really understand how it worked to well. And honestly I didn’t particularly care for it. I think I had maybe 2 dozen tweets and now I have almost 300. I understand that twitter is a really important tool in creating a personal brand online. It is place where I can obtain a following base and mass share the content that I create. I am in love with Twitter now.

twitter logog

2. Learning How to Build My Brand

Between Jill grilling us and the guest speakers and twitter and wordpress and the field trip I fully understand why it is important to have an online personal brand. I am now working towards pushing the brand I have created out there. I actually enjoy blogging which is kind of surprising. I hadn’t really ever thought that it would be something that I would enjoy, but I do. Now next semester when Jill makes me blog all the time, I’ll probably regret that sentence but for now it’s something I enjoy and plan on continuing (even though it’s not for class credit).


1. Social Media

I got to blow up social media for three weeks for class credit. Tweeting was my homework. I got to be on pinterest in class for class credit. I got to dive into pinterest for homework. Best. Assignments. Ever.

ron burgandy meme